Letter from New Member Director

Dear Future Thetas,

Welcome home! Our chapter is thrilled to have such an amazing group of new girls in our sisterhood. You are here because we saw something unique, kind, beautiful in each of you and we cannot wait to get to know you more. I understand that the beginning of college can be overwhelming, but I can honestly say that this chapter will make you feel comfortable and at home. I am so excited for you to meet the girls that will become your inspiration, role models, and best friends. An amazing part of this sisterhood is that each Theta is encouraged to be unapologetically themselves. In Theta you will meet girls who will make you laugh uncontrollably, who rock the cutest styles, who are truly brilliant, who are kind hearted, and so much more.

I am really lucky to get the opportunity as the New Member Director to help guide and transition you into this chapter. Theta has played a pivotal role in why I love this school so much and you will quickly find out why. My goal is to be a resource and friend to each of you. I am always open to answering questions, giving some advice, or just chatting! I cannot wait for you to start this journey and begin making memories as a Theta here at Wisconsin!


Lauryn Wagner

New Member Director