Executive Board


Clare Jennings


Chief Executive Officer

From: Milwaukee, WI

Dream job: Civil rights lawyer

Fun fact: She can bust a move (check out our 2017/18 Humorology show to see Clare dance) !



Alex Devereaux


Chief Panhellenic Officer

From: Chesterton, IN

Dream job: Working in a hospital pharmacy in pediatrics

Why she went Theta: “My sisters are so supportive and I've met some of my best friends.”


Meghan Bulgar


Chief Learning Officer

From: Chicago, IL

Dream job: Speech Pathologist and Advocate for Inclusive Education

Fun fact: In LA a psychic told her she should be an influencer

Go to karaoke song: Total Eclipse of the Heart


Chloe Weil


Chief external affairs officer

From: Cedarburg, WI

Dream job: Real Housewife of NY but I would settle for working for Bravo ;)

Fun fact: I love the Office so much that I did a Dwight Schrute impression during recruitment (at Theta) and found out my future big did the same one


Calli Huges


Chief Administrative Officer

From: Red Wing, MN 

Dream job: Michael Buble's assistant 

Why she went Theta : “I love theta because it truly is women supporting women in every endeavor.”


Kathryn Stern


Chief Financial Officer

From: Denver, CO

Dream job: She wants to run her own real estate firm 

Why she loves Theta: “I love Theta because everyone is supportive of each other and I have met so many amazing people”


Gracie Sutton


Chief Operating Officer

From: Brookfield, WI

Dream job: Speech Pathologist in a NICU

Why she loves Theta: “I love theta because of the people that have been brought into my life and the friendships I've made.”


Emma Kriho


Chief Recruiting Officer

From: La Grange Park, IL

Dream job: Apparel brand manager or stylist

Why she loves Theta: “I get to be surrounded by unique, talented and driven women that inspire me to pursue my goals and are my constant support system.”


Officer Board


Kyra Jaehn - Archivist & Historian

From: Madison, WI

Dream job: Social worker

Fun fact: She has 6 tattoos


 Lauryn Wagner - New Member Director

From: Glendale, WI

Dream job: Pop singer (the next Taylor Swift “I’m not kidding.”) 

Why I love Theta: Joining Theta has introduced me to the coolest people. I'm so lucky to be a part of such a smart, genuine, unique and beautiful group of girls who accept and support my goofy self :)


Jen Kuehn - Scholarship Director

From: Iowa City, IA

Dream job: teacher

Why I love Theta: Theta has brought me the closest friends and support like nothing I;ve ever experienced before.


Ally Hujanen - Alumnae Engagement Director

From: Middleton, WI

Dream job: Health systems Engineer

Why I love Theta: It is a second home where I know I will always be accepted for being myself and have endless support. I've met my best friends here. 


Anna Gilhool  - Online Media Director

From: Tampa, FL

Dream job: Start her own fitness clothing line

Why I love Theta: Theta brought me my closest friends I've ever had!


Mary Zimmerman - Event Director

From: Detroit, MI

Dream job: Being in the background of rap videos

Fun Fact: I baby sat George Bush’s dog


Riley Deutsch - Facility manager

From: St. Louis, MO

Dream job: Ice cream taste tester but if that doensn't work out she'll be a special ed teacher.

Why I love Theta: I love theta because there are so many amazing girls and opportunities that come along with it.

Kippy terry - fundraising director

From: Kansas City, MO

Dream job: I don't really know man. I want to work with sustainability and community development.

Fun fact: She is a proud Gemini and took a gap year before coming to Wisco.


Aly Hamrick - Executive Assistant

From: Grayslake, IL

Dream job: College professor

Fun fact: Knows all the words to every Red Hot Chili Peppers song


Lexis Wedell - Ritualist

From: Forest Lake, MN

Dream job: Bucky Badger


Natalie Brekken - Finance Assistant

From: Orono, MN

Dream job: Celebrity event planner

Fun fact: She can play careless whisper on the saxaphoneceed. 


Elsa Lundin - Human Resources Director

From: Minneapolis, MN

Dream job: Supreme Court Justice

Why I love Theta: Theta is home away from home.


Lauren Simons - Alternate Panhellenic Delegate

From: Somers, NY

Dream job: Occupational therapist

Fun fact: Her cousin is Debra Messing tehe!


Molly miller - recruitment data assistant

From: Chicago, IL

Dream job: 3rd female president of the US.

Why I love Theta: I love Theta for introducing me to some of my best friends who i might otherwise have met.

Bethany Tostrud - Recruitment Director

From: New Berlin, WI

Dream job: Nurse

Why I love Theta: She loves Theta because of Humorology and she met her bridesmaids.  

Jenna Lange - Service Director

From: Wales, WI

Dream job: Anything with kids!

Why I love Theta: All of the girls are amazing and motivating!