Executive Board




Chief Executive Officer

From: Western Springs, IL

Dream job: Attorney 

Quote: "Well, it could always be worse" 





Chief Panhellenic Officer

From: Minnetonka, MN

Major: Human development and family studies and Spanish

Dream job: Professional dog walker

Quote: "When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try to treat the world better than it treated you."



Ariana Baldassano

Chief Administrative Officer

From: Barrington, IL 

Major: Journalism and Communication Arts 

Dream Job: Producer for a Chicago news station or a sports agent. 

Quote : "The worst thing about prison was the dementors" - Prison Mike 



Lindsey Ruehl

Chief Financial Officer

From: Edina, MN

Dream job: Finance for a biotech company 

Quote: "Sometimes, all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage."



lexis wedell

Chief Operating Officer

From: Forest Lake, MN

Major: Microbiology

Dream job: Bucky Badger

Quote: "I need to procrastinate my mental breakdown" - Melissa Hoey




Chief Recruiting Officer

From: Westport, CT

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Dream job: Product Design Engineer

Quote: "Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be OK" - Anon



Officer Board

GEORGIA FERDIG - Archivist & Historian

From: South Bend, IN

Dream Travel Destination: Macchu Pichu

Why I love Theta: I found friends who accepted my quirks without judgment and women who push me to be a better person through scholarship, philanthropy, and loving all as they come.

BRENNA ELLIS - Executive Assistant

From: Cottage Grove, MN

Dream Travel Destination: Virgin Islands

Why I love Theta: I love Theta because it is my continuous support system. Through college I never thought I would find a group of women who are just as driven to succeed as every women in this chapter is. 

 BAILEY STEARNS - New Member Director

From: Elmhurst, IL

Dream Travel Destination: Australia 

Why I love Theta: I love Theta because it gave me the chance to meet girls that have quickly became some of my best friends, friends that will be apart of my life long after college. 


From: New Berlin, IL

Dream Travel Destination: Lanikai, Hawaii

Why I love Theta: I love Kappa Alpha Theta because of the impact it has had on my college experience. Through my opportunities, I have grown as a friend, as an academic, and as a leader. The people I have met through this organization and the experiences I have encountered are priceless, and I could not be more grateful for "thinking theta". 

Melissa hoey - Scholarship Director

From: Los Angeles, CA

Dream Vacation Spot: Australia

Why I love Theta: Upon coming to UW-Madison, I knew I wanted to find a community that made Madison feel like home. I was looking for a group who would be welcoming and supportive. Fortunately, I found Theta! All members of Theta are down-to-earth, compassionate, and willing to help each other. No matter what a member is going through whether it be a high or low, we are there for each other.

Calli HuGhes - Finance Assistant

From: Red Wing, MN

Dream Travel Destination: Burnaby, B.C. (Micheal Bubles Hometown)

Why I love Theta: There are so many powerful women that are powerful in so many ways. We accept one another and push each other to succeed. 

MIA WAGNER - Service Director

From: Rockford, IL

Dream Travel Destination: Stockholm, Sweden

Why I love Theta: I love theta because it has connected me with friends that I know that I will have for a lifetime!

Megan powers - Alumnae Engagement Director

From: Juda, WI

Dream Travel Destination: Paris, France

Why I love Theta: When I went through recruitment, I was looking for Greek life that would support my academic life as well because school has always been important to me, and as soon as I stepped into Theta, I knew it was the house for me. Not only did it seem like all women I talked to valued school, but they also valued friendship and social life as well, which is everything I was looking for in the Greek community. 

LEXI FLORAC  - Online Media Director

From: Verona, WI

Dream Vacation Spot: Iceland, Thailand, or Australia

Why I love Theta: I love theta because it has brought such a diverse group of intelligent and inspiring women into my life. College is tough, but knowing you have people around you who always have your back, makes it a little bit easier. Without Theta, and the women who embody it, I wouldn’t have the same drive to succeed, confidence, or amazing friendships that I do.

Abby Hess - Human Resources Director

From: Onalaska, WI

Dream Travel Destination: Iceland

Why I love Theta: For me, Theta seemed like the place where I could find friends for life. I love that although there is such a wide variety of personalities and interests, everyone is so kind and fun and down to earth. 

Laura parnell - Event Director

From: Minnetonka, MN

Dream Travel Destination: Southern Italy 

Why I love Theta: I love that everyone is so true to themselves, no matter what that is. Everyone is very genuine and that is pretty rare. 

Brenna Ellis - Alternate Panhellenic Delegate

From: Cottage Grove, MN

Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember

Favorite Song: "Overwhelming" by Jon Bellion

Why I love Theta: Theta is where I have met my true lifelong friends.  I feel constantly pushed to better myself by all of the outstanding ladies and all they accomplish. The love and support I have received and continue to receive from members in Theta only reconfirms why I chose Theta.

HANNAH ETNER - Recruitment Director

From: Oak Park, Illinois

Dream Travel Destination: Greece

Why I love Theta: I love Theta because I found my best friends in the world who never stop encouraging me and allowing me to truly be myself. I think it's really special that in theta it's easy to form these relationships with girls in any pledge class, not just our own.