Our Values

Kappa Alpha Theta is founded on four values. These values, which we refer to as the four points of kite are intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, commitment to service, and personal excellence. 


Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual Curiosity is all about scholarship, which we hold as our highest aim. As scholars and leaders on campus, we are constantly striving to learn more all around us.                        

“... it should be the constant aim of every student to acquire an education as liberal and extensive as circumstances will permit, and at the same time to make it practical by studying with some definite purpose in view.”

 - Hannah Fitch Shaw, Alpha/DePauw, 1871


Leadership Potential 

As Theta’s, we strive to be leaders in our community. Whatever leadership means to you, we focus on fostering those qualities and improving them everyday.     

“Women have special qualities that we should rejoice in having. Caring, empathy, intuition, creativity—these special qualities are assets.They can be thought of as skills, really, that what we can call upon and use in our leadership roles.” 

- Barbara Hackman Franklin, Beta Phi/Penn State, 1959


Commitment to Service

Whether it be on or off campus, we are committed to giving back our time. No matter where we are, we want to be the widest influence for good.     

“The world should be a better place because Kappa Alpha Theta exists.”

- Adelaide Sinclair, Sigma/Toronto Fraternity President, 1938-1942       


Personal Excellence 

Personal excellence is all about having good moral character. We strive to work hard and handle all situations as leading women.

“A noble character will not be one’s priceless possession simply by sighing for it. It must be earnestly and actively sought.”

- Kate L. Sabin Stevens, Psi/Wisconsin, 1901