Recruitment "101"

  1. Don't be nervous. This experience should genuinely be fun and easy. It's about getting to meet a bunch of amazing women who share the same values, and really finding your place in Greek Life. 
  2. Don't worry about outfits. Yes, we may look a little strange from chapter to chapter--practically matching and seemingly in sync. BUT, do not feel pressured to dress any differently than you normally would. We always appreciate women who are confident in their style, and love to express themselves. At the end of the day, what you are wearing does not matter. 
  3. Seriously...don't buy new clothes. You think we are kidding? Well, we aren't. Really. 
  4. We aren't perfect. We will all sweat, get blisters, be exhausted, hardly eat. Sometimes we have bad hair days, or maybe our makeup gets messed up. Do we forget names right away? Of course. Don't forget, though, that we are all human and it's not just you. All of the active members in the chapters are going through the exact same stuff you are. 
  5. Have a deep conversation. It won't be just you getting tired of talking about what dorm you live in, what your major is, and where you are from. One of the best ways to find which chapter you belong in, is how effortless it is to have meaningful conversations. Think about it this way--when you are meeting someone for the first time at your dorm, would you talk to them like that? Probably not. Let's get to know one another.
  6. Look past material. It's so easy to get caught up in appearance, the house, the refreshments you're offered, decor, etc. However, you will regret putting any effort into this. In the end, you'll realize that it really doesn't say anything about the chapter itself, and what the organization has to offer. 
  7. Be willing to open up. The more you're willing to share, the better time you will have during recruitment. No, you're not selling yourself nor using your elevator pitch. However, we want to get to know the real you, so be yourself. If you're worried that a chapter won't like you if you act like yourself, just think about how that may not be the organization for you anyways. The more genuine and open you are in the process, the happier you will be in the end. 
  8. Be kind. No matter what, absolutely be nice to every person in every house. Sometimes it's a long day, you may not be enjoying the conversation, and it can be easy to lose track of your mannerisms. Try and stay on top of being selfless, respectful, and kind no matter what.
  9. Don't let anything influence you. One of the biggest issues faced in the recruitment process, is the influence of family, friends, or preconceived notions on specific people and chapters. Though it can be great to have a "dream to be a [insert organization here]," it can greatly cloud your judgement. In the end, it is in your best interest to give every chapter an equal, open mind. 
  10. Make the choice for yourself. During preference rounds, really focus on your comfort level. Can you look around the room and picture yourself here, in your most natural and genuine state? If you cannot be 100% comfortable, you may need to consider another chapter. This is the time when you need to completely think for yourself and your feelings, your values, and your needs. Have fun with it, and know that you most likely made the best decision of your life.